Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Men’s dating advice.

Websites offering men’s dating advice are present in hundreds all over the Internet. The advices offered by them also run into thousands. However, very few sites highlight the mistakes that you should not commit in dating as a man. Here, some of the common mistakes committed by men are presented as men’s dating advice, so that you could avoid them in your personal dating.

The first mistake that men make in dating is to give presents that appear cheap or useless. For example, the flowers that you send your girlfriend or the gift that you give her on her birthday might anger her instead of pleasing, because they are of cheap quality or appear low-priced. We do not wish to say that you should buy only costly flowers or gifts. On the contrary, the looks and function are important. Costly chrysanthemums and Calla Lillies might not please her if her favorite flowers are daisies. Even if you have selected daisies, the arrangement of the flowers is crucial. If she does not have a vase, there is no point in sending a huge bouquet. In such a case, send a bouquet with a flower vase. She would definitely jump with joy at your thoughtfulness.

Another common mistake that we can point out in men’s dating advice is forgetting the birthday of your girlfriend. This is never pardoned. Make a note of her birthday in such a place that you will certainly be reminded at least a few days in advance. This would give you sufficient time to prepare in advance, even if you keep it to yourself as a surprise. Women like to be surprised but they could not tolerate forgetfulness, which is taken as lack of affection and care on your part.

Such small mistakes could make or break your relationship. You would be able to think of some more, if you apply your mind to the subject of men’s dating advice.


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