Monday, June 29, 2009

Sign she likes you

Does she like me? Does she not? These are two questions that run through every guys mind after a date. Whether you admit it or not every guy carves to know what’s going on in a girl’s head, but it’s the age old ego problem of men that stops them from asking a girl if she likes him or not, or rather you can say that men are scared of a negative answer from the woman. Some guys are even shy to ask. If you ask a man the reason he will give you a long list of excuses.

To know what’s going on in a girls mind, you need to read the signs and clues she might be throwing at you every time you meet. Look out for her glance. In case a woman likes you she will stare at you a few seconds longer that needed. This is one sign she likes you. Notice her body language when she is around you and compare it with when she is with others. In case she is trying to be at her best behavior, with proper etiquette, posture and throwing those extra flashy smiles at you then you know that she is hooked on to you. Women have a good way of showing affection to the ones they love. Certain actions like running fingers through your hair are a good indication that she cares for you and wouldn’t mind pampering you a little.

However smart and strong willed women are, they usually tend to goof up and act nervous around someone who makes them go weak in their knees. If a woman starts speaking rubbish which neither she nor you can make any sense of, if she acts nervous, plays wither fingers when talking to you etc you should realize instantly that she likes you. Women tend to get anxious when men they like are around.

The above mentioned are just some of the few sign she likes you or not. They might work with a few women, might not work with the rest. After all every woman is different - Every woman is a mystery in herself.


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