Monday, June 29, 2009

Signs To Know She Likes Your Body Language

Women are quite unpredictable creatures. Every one of them thinks differently. If you manage to find out what’s going on in the mind of a woman and what are the feelings she is hiding in her heart then its as good as hitting a jackpot.

A lot of men wonder if the girl they are dating really likes them. This question troubles about 80% of the men who date. Women unlike men are very crafty and talented as far as hiding their feelings is concerned. Even if they are head over heels in love with you and you make them go weak in the knees, when they are with you they act quite normal. So how do you really find out if a girl is comfortable around you, what are the signs to know she likes your body language?

Here are a few tips how you can get to know exactly what the girl has in mind. A girls best friend is the best source to know exactly how she feels about you. Girls love to show off their boyfriends so the friend is the best person to ask if you want to know what she thinks of your attitude. The next clue to knowing a girl is comfortable around you is by listening to her talk. The initial talk would just be the casual gossip and jokes , but as she gets more comfortable with you around her, she will start opening up to you and sharing her feelings with you. If you have reached this stage with a girl, you can be sure that she confides in you. Another sign to know if a girl is impressed with you is by keeping a close eye on her. Take her out to a friend’s party, keep an eye on her. For sure you will catch her throwing glances at you when you are not looking.

To understand a woman is like unfolding a mystery. To guess their feelings and act accordingly is like cracking a detective case.


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