Monday, June 29, 2009

Texting Conversations

Text messaging better known as SMS (short message sending) has become one of the most popular modes of communication today. It is the most fastest and ideal means of communication. Even in a relationship, texting conversations and flirty text messages is a magnificent way to stay in touch.

Text messaging has slowly grown to be a necessity in our daily lives. Its quite famous with the young but now even grown ups are using it as a means to stay in touch. Today it’s become very necessary to know how to text and hold texting conversations.

Text message sending has given rise to a whole new dictionary of abbreviations. No text message is complete without at least a dozen abbreviated words. However you should remember that you should always remember to put in abbreviations that the other person can understand. Try and use the t9 dictionary mode when texting, its faster and saves you the trouble of scrolling through a whole list of letters before you find the right one. Always remember that when texting conversations it’s not very safe to send in valuable information like social security numbers, credit card numbers and pin numbers through text messages. If the phone falls into the hands of a thief, he will defiantly use the information.

Text messaging has also become a very useful tool in increasing the success of the dating life of a lot of people. Guys and gals both alike use text messaging to convey those feeling to each other which cannot be said face to face. Texting is also a safe way because you can show your reactions of surprise, horror or even laugh freely if you find something funny. If you are having a face to face conversation or even talking on the phone for a matter of fact, these emotions will usually get you a slap on your face or your date never speaking to you again. With text messaging, just a few flirty text messages sent across to and fro can get the job done and set another date for your next dinner.


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