Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to get someone to ask you out

If you feel devastated every time your friends go out for the date with their boyfriends and want the man of your dreams to ask you out too, then you can inculcate simple things in your routine to get the best results. How to get someone to ask you out is no more a dilemma that can haunt you. You just have to take care of few things and the man would fall weak in his knees.

You can start by developing a comfort zone with the man you want to ask you out. Befriending the guy would be the best option to start on with the plan of asking you out. Try to be yourself and lively. Guys usually do not like the isolated aloof women. Connecting with the lively women is always easier. Appearance also matters a lot in impressing the guy of your dreams. You should not have low self esteem while interacting with the guy. Try to attract the guy with your beauty in the best possible manner but one should also not go too loud as it can be a turn off. Friendly and nice attitude while conversing will be an added advantage to rope in the guy. You should try to wear a bright smile too.

Confidence is the key to the attraction among men. You should look self assured and should avoid looking under confident and gloomy. You are meeting the man of your dreams; let him see that your happiness has no bounds. You can repel the man with the low spirited look even though you are dressed well. Doing things in moderation is also important, to strike the correct note of attraction in the man’ heart. Do not go overboard in anything you do.

Do a little homework on yourself and get fabulous results. The man of your dreams would get desperate to date you if you are successful with these tips.


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