Tuesday, July 7, 2009

IMAX theater locations

If you love watching movies at a movie theater, catching a show at the amazing IMAX Theater is certainly something you need to experience. Short form of Image Maximum, IMAX and every IMAX movie is displayed at a very huge screen, bigger than the usual traditional theatres screen and at a superior resolution. The screen of IMAX is generally a bit more than 72 feet wide and 52 feet long.

The IMAX theatres are renowned for possessing a more interactive feel. IMAX screen is extremely huge, when looking straight you will see the giant screen. This cause the film to appear more real. When it comes to finding IMAX theater locations, then:

· Use the Google Maps. To access Google map explore your Internet explorer.
· Visit maps.google.com
· Once the site gets open, search for IMAX theatre near (your location name). You can search for the desired place through typing the zip code or the state or city name. For instance, if you are seeking for IMAX Theater locations near Boston then type IMAX Theater near Boston.
· After pressing the button search maps, a display map will appear and all the IMAX locations at the desired area.

· Use the IMAX theatre locations official site. For that visit http://www.imax.com/
· When you enter the main webpage then automatically you will be driven for a desired location. Again, you can use the name of the city of the zip code.
· Once you will give in the details, you will notice a map mentioning all the IMAX theaters locations and also the type pf theatre it is. Have fun as well as take pleasure in the latest release.

The IMAX theatre is an ideal place for spending some quality time with your loved one, since it fusions traditional dating doings with a novel added flair.


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