Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Should men stay single

Many of the people think whether leading a single life results into a blessing or pain. It purely depends on the type of person you are and you take on things in life. Some people make a very good life as single and the others feel really lonely and miserable they need someone with them. The question “should men stay single” can only be answered by individuals whether they feel comfortable remaining single or they want to go finding a partner to share their life. It depends on what you are and how you define a relationship.

There are many reasons why men think that they should stay single like after the first few years of a relationship they start feeling bored or their life is filled with stress, they cannot spend more time with their friends as they earlier did. As the economic depression continues to be a headache, many of the people are adopting different money saving measures. A new research has shown that a large number of men want to stay single to avoid the stress of economic pressure. As the load of collecting finances will be more with a partner.

Another reason of men staying single is that they are afraid of bad marriages. They don’t want to get into bad marriage with any wrong person. They are more afraid of marrying a wrong person than never getting into marriage. This is the reason for the growing trend of live in relationships where you can live with a person without any bonds of a marriage.

Remaining single is the blessing all of those who are reactionary bachelors and determined to stay single. But for the ones who enjoy the closeness and care of someone cannot live life single. If you want to stay single then the first thing that you should do is be yourself. You can enjoy with all of your friends even when you are single.


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