Friday, August 7, 2009

Best Things to Say to a Girl you Like

Very few men really understand what are the best things to say to a girl you like. Still, talking to a girl is not rocket science. All that you require to do is to be nice, kind, gentle, sweet, and thoughtful. This does not mean that you should flatter. Some amount of flatter would always please the girl, but when you overdo it, she would easily see through you. Similarly, too much pressure would drive her away, giving a feeling of intimidation and rudeness.

If another person makes fun of the girl or behaves roughly with her, seize the opportunity to defend her. Girls normally like persons who talk to them openly and honestly. Avoid words like ‘You are hot’ until you become very intimate. Use words like ‘You are very pretty’ and ‘You are breathtakingly beautiful’. If she questions you about any of her negative aspects, immediately refute that point without hesitation, even if you are aware of that particular negative aspect. If you hesitate before replying, she would only think that you are not being honest but just want only to please her.

In the beginning, keep the conversation to general topics like movies, food, cars, pets, etc. Talk about her friends, the music she likes, and stuff like that. Do not get into serious subjects like personal interests, hobbies, sports, etc., which could lead to difference of opinion or clash of interest. Show a genuine interest in what she likes and put mildly probing questions about such matters. Your discussion should be natural, relaxed, and casual. She should feel that you are genuinely interested in her and in her likes and dislikes. Even when you differ with her on a particular point or a specific subject, avoid any kind of disagreement. Later on, when you had understood each other fully, you would have ample time to show her how she was wrong on a particular subject and she would not be antagonized. These are some of the tips on best things to say to a girl you like. You could surely think of more, if you apply yourself.

How to Stop Wanting my Ex Back?

The union between a man and a woman is not something just physical. Mental and psychological factors are also deeply involved in such a relationship. As such, when there is a breakup, both parties might feel that they would like to get their ex back. Still, if you ask the question of how to stop wanting my ex back, the answer is somewhat simple, though the process is tough. Because you feel terribly lonely after the breakup, it is natural that you want the ex to be back in your life to fill up the void. Still, the first thing that you should do is to ask the question whether you really want your ex back or is it just the loneliness and the frustration that is making you feel like this.

Think twice whether going back would be worth it. There would definitely be several strong reasons why both of you parted ways. Those reasons are not going to vanish when you start another relationship together. Analyze those reasons. Find out which problems could be sorted out amicably and which could never be compromised. If the reasons that could be sorted out are in majority, then there would be some point in trying to want your ex back. Otherwise, when the points that could not be compromised are more, your effort in thinking of how to stop wanting my ex back would take priority.

The reasons for following the process of how to stop wanting my ex back are basic. You already have a soured relationship on your hands. By coming together again when both of you are truly not compatible, you would only aggravate it, instead of starting a new chapter. You should think this over logically and not emotionally. Then only you would be able to take the right decision as to whether you want your ex back or you want to forget your ex.

How to Get Woman on Dating Site?

Many men wonder how to get woman on dating site. It is true that getting women on dating sites is a sophisticated process. Still, you should first try to understand the mental makeup of women before you start your work on how to get woman on dating site. Women are naturally geared to follow the emotional feelings and thoughts by birth. This is the reason why many women end up with wrong guys and get cheated. They do know instinctively that the guy would not be faithful to her. Still, she would go by the attraction that she feels for him and would ignore the mental warning. They are aware that the nice guy would be the best choice. Even then, they are thrilled by the excitement that the wrong guy stimulates in her.

As such, when you start the process of how to get woman on dating site, you should first understand that your looks do not matter too much to women. According to psychologists, women give only 20% preference to the looks of man. Hence, your concentration should be on the mental aspects of the woman you are trying to date on the dating site. You should appeal to her thoughts and you should understand what she really feels and thinks. You should get into the same mental vibration that she possesses.

You should select the topics of special interest that she has. You should get more knowledge on those topics and discuss with her. While doing this, you should apologize immediately if she says that you are wrong, even if you know very well that you are right. Argument does not lead anywhere but to antagonization and ultimate disaster, while acquiescence results in a much better rapport. Keep on her right side even if it means submerging your ego and you would surely have won her over.

Can You Save a Dead Marriage?

With clashing egos between spouses in modern living and the increase in the number of divorces, the question often asked is can you save a dead marriage. The answer is quite simple but difficult to practice most of the time. The first step in saving a marriage is for both parties to understand that their efforts are geared towards saving the marriage and not getting split. Here are a few tips about realizing the factors involved in answering the question of can you save a dead marriage.

Both the parties should try earnestly to spend more time with each other to increase the bonding between them. This should be done in a natural manner and not in a competitive spirit. If the husband likes to watch a football game, the wife should sit with him and watch it with interest. The husband should also reciprocate the gesture by spending time with his wife when she does something that she likes.

Many couples get into a set routine, which becomes boring after some time. They should try to break out of this standard routine and do something different each day. This need not be costly exercise but simple changes in the habit. If you had been going out too often separately, try to spend more time at home together.

Both parties should try to make the other person feel that he or she is wanted. They should genuinely try to bring back the love that they felt when they first met or when they courted each other. They should indulge in physical movements that would show the other person that he or she is still lovable. This would boost the morale of the spouse that there is still lot of desire left in each other.

If such simple methods are followed, the question of can you save a dead marriage would completely disappear and love would reign.