Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How To Steal A Girl From Her Boyfriend

If you are wondering how to steal a girl from her boyfriend, then find out what you need to know. There are many tricks that guys can use to win over a girls heart. Stealing a girl away from her current boyfriend will take some proven methods. Discover what the options are for you.

The first thing you need to do is flirt with the girl so she knows that you like her. Flirting can take many forms but works well when the guy does things like; makes lots of eye contact, gives ample flattery and puts himself into her personal space.

Often a girl who has been with her boyfriend for a while, will begin to miss what it is like to be in a new relationship and to flirt. This is why it is up to you to remind her. You can do this by creating opportunities for you to see each other and setting up plans so that she will look forward to seeing you again. The combination of flirting and arranging plans, will have her reminded of what new relationships are all about.

Another great way to steal a girl, is to find out what the issues are between her and the boyfriend and try to fill the void. For example; if she loves sports and he doesn't, you could ask her to play a sport or tell her you have tickets to a game. She may realize that she has more in common with you.

Many times in an old relationship, both parties have become too comfortable with each other. This can result in saying hurtful things and not having the same patience as there used to be. This is where you show her how much of a gentleman you are and how thoughtful some guys just like you, can be. With your thoughtful ways, she wont be able to look at her old boyfriend the same way again.

If there is chemistry between you and another girl, you can figure out how to steal a girl from her boyfriend. The trick to win her heart, include; heavy flirting, intruding on her personal space with hand and arm touching and being a close talker, and fill her up with compliments. Soon she wont be able to resist you, and her boyfriend wont have a chance.


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