Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How To Take Someones Girlfriend

Some times you can not stop but wonder how your cubic or house mate treats his gorgeous and sweet girlfriend so badly. Well, you can stop wondering and take action as there are a few things you can do if you are interested and attracted to her. The following tips show you how to take someones girlfriend.

You can start by blowing off her mind. Simply put, she is a very frustrated woman and all she is looking for at this time is reassurance. Every woman needs this some or all of the time. If you are a distant friend or colleague, you can start closing in by saying hello to her every once in a while.

Follow this by talking to her and offering to do for simple tasks at the office or around the home. This allows her to drop down her guard. Some simple things you can do is to ask or suggest to her is for her to cheer up as you are worried that she is looking worn out. This conversation should lead you to asking her out for coffee or lunch.

Soon, you are sure to notice her confiding and revealing personal details about herself. She might clue you on about her miserable love life. This is where you suggest that she deserves better. This might take a while, but remember she has to trust you for her to even think about looking at you differently than a coworker or her boyfriends housemate.

The last step in how you can take someones girlfriend is to subtly initiate physical contact. This should come about naturally and make sure that she does not even see it coming. You can start by opening for her the door while gently touching her back or even lightly holding her arm while crossing the road. When you are watching a movie, choose to massage her feet or back. Sooner or later she is bound to be yours.


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